And so the eyebrow rose again. She got completely off topic once more, going from talking about her brother to alien invasions? Safe to say, Hiccup found himself lost again, staring at her in silence as seemed to be about the only proper response to any of this. He didn’t understand what not finding her brother had to do with alien invasions, but the fact that she didn’t seem to think that it was too important that her brother might be lost, or she was just lost from him, had him wondering how she hadn’t lost him completely years ago.

Then the topic was changed again, and he wasn’t sure if he was thankful or not. Admittedly, he didn’t know what to say about alien invasions, so…maybe he’d pick thankful.

“‘Getup?’” He repeated questioningly, looking down at himself. He had no idea what she was talking about. …Not that this was a surprise anymore, but still, what was wrong with his clothes? Brow furrowing, he tipped his head back to peer upward at her again, squinting just a little, hands grabbing the front of his vest and giving a light tug. “These are my regular clothes—everyone around here dresses like this.” He began to explain, but once he’d finished, Hiccup paused, blinked, and tipped his head to one side, his expression clearly showing how puzzled he was. “’…LARPing?’ What’s that? As far as I know, no. That’s…not what I was doing.” Unless it meant walking, which would be…weird, he definitely wasn’t doing this strange LARPing thing. And all this did was make him question himself again, wondering where she picked up all these strange terms.

"Wow. You’re really in character!" Sister wanted in, but also considered returning another time another time. She really did need to find her team…

But this place just looks so fun.

She’d ponder on the topic a little longer before making a decision. Maybe she could postpone the meeting a little while. Catiously, Sister sat herself down on a comfortable looking rock and removed her helmet, revealing a fairly pale face and a set of light blue eyes, framed by her messy blonde hair. There was quite a nice breeze, something she hadn’t felt back at Blood Gulch.

"But seriously, someone should, I dunno, build a resort here. Like, wow."

Calling RvB Roleplayers: Human!AI AU


A group of us have been developing an AU in which the AIs are neurologically-enhanced military specialists.  While we’re keeping the timeline fluid and the universe open to any and all RPers, we would like to welcome anyone interested in joining as an established AU-canon character, either with a dedicated or existing account. Seriously, we’re not picky, we just want more people to play with.

More info below the break.

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Her shock had Hiccup giving a sudden start, not having expected the shout, nor the disbelief. Drawing in a quick breath, he brought a hand to his chest and tried to slow the sudden spike in heart rate caused just from the outburst, and gave her a questioning look, completely at a loss and not understanding in the least. Or, until she explained, that is. He found himself almost insulted in a way, comments toward his less than impressive stature, and apparently the fact that he looked two years younger than he really was. A flash of something resembling indigence crossed his face; sure, he wasn’t as big or impressive as the average viking, but he was still growing. He’d get there! …One day! …Maybe. One thing still had him somewhat confused, though…


“Legal? What—” He began, but quickly decided he wasn’t so sure he wanted to know what that meant, and promptly picked up to move on. “…Regardless of what it looks like, that’s how old I am.” Not that it seemed to matter, as moments later, she was moving one with more questions and talking. Lips coming together to form a firm line, Hiccup fell silent once more, realizing with the way she talked that speaking over her was useless, and…a topic that moved away from his age or his size was perfectly okay with him.

“Uh… No, I haven’t seen anyone like that around here,” he answered with a shrug, not even requiring a moment to think about it. When you saw someone dressed like this, it wasn’t something you forgot very quickly. Actually, at this point, he wasn’t so sure he’d ever be able to scrub his memory clear of this encounter. “I’ll take it that’s your brother that you’re describing?”

"Huh? Oh, yeah! But I s’pose it’s not too important. I mean, the worst that could possibly happen is, like, I dunno, an alien invasion or something.” Sister pictured cute little grey men wondering around a grey blue base with cute little guns and cute little feet.

"Hehe. Soooooo what’s there to do around here, then? And, like, what’s with the getup? Are you LARPing? Can I join!?"


Okay, there it was. A straight answer. She was lost, as expected. Hiccup began to nod in understanding now, but paused halfway through as she continued. Again. This time it wasn’t as rambley, at least, but he still found himself confused. The brother thing, he understood. She’d been looking for her brother, great, but then she mentioned something called a phone and he was completely lost all over again. Was that some weird slang for a note or something? Her brother had maybe left her a note saying he’d come this way…? Gods, he had no clue, but half of what she had said before hadn’t made any sense, so…maybe it was a slip of the tongue or something. Regardless, another slow, almost exaggerated nod was given as she finished once more, and he almost relaxed as she did. Maybe avoiding directing questions at her might be a good idea.

Before Hiccup could manage to say something, or offer his help, she seemed to take it upon herself to ask him a question this time. He gave a slight start in surprise, and wondered how his age was exactly relevant to…well, anything. She could have gone for a lot more important things there, like asking for help, or asking where she was, or even for a name, but no, she’d gone for age. Another long stare was directed her way, but the boy decided he should just be glad that she wasn’t saying anything more.


“Seventeen. I’m—I’m seventeen.” He answered finally, speaking a little slowly as he found himself still wondering why it even mattered. It just…wasn’t the first question one generally expected to be asked by a new acquaintance. Especially when said acquaintance just admitted to being lost. But okay, he’d just…go with it now, for lack of knowing where else to go here. “…Why…?”

Seventeen!? No way!” Sister was completely taken aback. “You’re so short! But, like, totally legal which is so weird because you look maybe fifteen? I suppose looks aren’t everything, but whatever! So weird.”

She shook off the shock and circled back to her original question. “So anyway, have you seen a guy anywhere? He’s like, my height, fat and wears armour, like mine, buuut it’s probably, like, a light blue or something? Maybe?”


so i’m uh thinking of making more freelancer rvb I ♥ whatever state but I dunno who to do next?? Ideas?


opinions and judgement


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Well, he hadn’t been expecting a ‘no’ to the question of being lost, considering how out of place this stranger—who, as it sounded, was female—appeared, and her reply had a skeptical look crossing Hiccup’s face. Opening his mouth, he went to ask if she was sure, but paused when she seemed to look around. …And changed her mind. Had she not looked around before she’d answered the question the first time? This was…weird. He wanted to say something, but it seemed he couldn’t get a word in edge-wise. She was suddenly talking nonstop, and in a very strange manner. A manner that made her sound…well, for lack of a kinder word for it, stupid. He could barely keep up, she was talking in circles one moment, and getting off onto a completely different topic the next.

By the time it was over, Hiccup didn’t know what to say. He didn’t understand what had just happened. Those that he’d met previously dressed like this had seemed…capable. Like actual soldiers, fit to wear what they were, but this one… She wasn’t like that. She seemed very… Was there even a word for it? Because he couldn’t find one. All he could do was stare at her, one eyebrow raised, mouth still open slightly, gaping up incredulously like he wasn’t sure whether to believe she was serious or not, or whether he wanted to put any real thought into anything she’d said beyond that she was actually lost. …She was, right? She hadn’t changed her answer halfway through without his noticing?


“I—I don’t—I’m not sure what you—” He began, starting and cutting himself off like he felt none of the words coming into his mind fit as a response. A response to what? Half of it had been nonsense, and the other half…had been difficult enough to follow. Shaking his head, Hiccup took a moment’s pause, brow furrowing, just trying to sort through what she’d said, make some sense of it. There was a long moment of silence, and then he lifted his head again to peer up at her once more, looking confused as ever. “So…you are lost, then?” He attempted to reconfirm, just…hoping she didn’t ramble off again for fear that her rant might last even longer and end even more questionably.

Sister sighed. She didn’t really like admitting she needed help, but she didn’t really like not knowing her surroundings either. 

"Haha, yeeaah, I guess." She stretched her arms out beside her, yawning. "It’s kinda embarrassing to say, but, like, I was looking for my brother, right? And my phone says he went this way so I went this way, buut he’s not here, so awkward.”

The boy looked slightly confused. Sister wasn’t sure exactly why, but she figured he either wasn’t used to soldiers or girls.

"So, like, how old are you?"

I love how some of us RPers write to each other
  • In character: *nice, lovely constructed paragraphs filled with good dialogue*
  • Out of character: ajdSjhdsjhjsdhshjsfdghsfgfsahiufgysfygysfgyrwaeygerherhbfsdghsdbhsdhjvbgvjdgfgusghfdhfd hello there hiufdihufuhdsuhf

The freelancers, from red vs order from left to right each row:Agents: North Dakota, Washington, New YorkAgents: Carolina, Texas, South DakotaAgents: Connecticut, Wyoming, Maine


The freelancers, from red vs blue.
in order from left to right each row:
Agents: North Dakota, Washington, New York
Agents: Carolina, Texas, South Dakota
Agents: Connecticut, Wyoming, Maine